Does Precision Nutrition Help in the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes?

Does Precision Nutrition Help in the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes?

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Precision nutrition is also called personalized nutrition. It involves customizing nutrition recommendations of patients depending on their health history, DNA, microbiome, different environmental exposures, and metabolomics. It helps the doctors identify the most efficient diet plan to prevent or manage certain diseases. For example, this strategy helps in preventing and treating diabetes.

As you know, failure to control diabetes results in damage to many tissues and organs of your body like eyes, kidneys, heart, and nerves. A primary care physician near you and other providers can help you educate about precision nutrition.

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is a group of diseases, in which the body fails to generate sufficient insulin. Insulin is a hormone created by the pancreas that produces glucose from food to the cells in the body for energy production. Glucose in the blood is the main energy source (which comes from the food we consume).

Here is the essential information about different types of diabetes:

1. Type 1 Diabetes

It is an autoimmune condition, which means the immune system of the patient attacks and permanently damages the beta cells in the pancreas. Those with Type 1 diabetes need to have insulin daily.

Insulin is injected usually underneath the skin. The doctor will show you how to do it properly. There is no cure for this type of diabetes. It needs long-term disease management. However, with regular adherence and monitoring of treatment, you can prevent more severe complications associated with the disease.

2. Type 2 Diabetes

In type 2 diabetes, the body fails to use the insulin produced effectively. It results in high blood sugar. There are various health and environmental factors that can contribute to the disease. It includes being overweight, genetics, insufficient exercise, etc. This type of diabetes typically occurs in seniors and middle-aged adults.

You can successfully manage Type 2 diabetes if you work closely with the doctor near you and follow a good lifestyle. For example, regular exercise, a well-balanced diet, and a few medicines can help you control blood sugar effectively.

3. Gestational Diabetes

It occurs because of the hormones that block insulin. This type of diabetes mainly occurs in a few women during pregnancy. If you have Gestational Diabetes, it will go away after your delivery. But you are more prone to getting type 2 diabetes in the future.

Regardless of the diabetes type you are struggling with, we advise you to work closely with primary care physicians 20874 to manage it effectively.

What Role Does Precision Nutrition Plays in Diabetes Management?

Precision nutrition mainly focuses on chronic diseases associated with diet. It also uses deep learning (DL) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to produce personalized dietary recommendations.

Precision nutrition believes that every individual has a unique response to particular nutrients and foods. It signifies that the best diet plan for one person may be different as compared to the diet plan for another. For more details about this holistic technique, contact Dr. Lakhvinder Wadhwa.

This approach is ideal for individuals with pre-diabetes or that are more prone to getting diabetes. Precision medicine helps in the management of diabetes or reversal of type 2 diabetes in the long term.

As per a few studies, this technique customizes diabetes management by closely looking at the following areas:

  •     Measurement of Metabolites – They unveiled the dietary patterns of an individual in the long term. The metabolic testing might help in identifying how the body of a person responds to a particular diet.
  •     How the DNA of One Person May be Associated with the Consumption and Metabolism of Some Nutrients – It can also help to forecast how an individual responds to a specific diet.
  •     Explore Different Gut Bacteria Types – They help to control and enhance blood glucose. The gut bacteria types also help in implementing dietary patterns that alter the microbiome of a person. It increases the development and control of particular gut bacteria.

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The main goal of precision nutrition is to produce highly actionable and custom dietary recommendations that help patients decide when, why, how, and what to eat.

It helps in optimizing their health and improving their quality of life. To get Diabetes Mellitus Treatment Near you, contact our primary care physicians immediately.

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