How Can We Get Pre-Employment Physicals Done in Germantown?

How Can We Get Pre-Employment Physicals Done in Germantown?

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At your job opening, your employer may ask you first to complete a pre-employment physical. While there are different types of pre-employment evaluations that your employers may require, a pre-employment physical helps determine how well qualified you are physically to perfoem the roles and resposnibilities required.

Learning what to expect during the pre-employment physical can help you feel more prepared for the process you will undergo.

This article will help what a pre-employment physical and how it can be done by primary care physicians in Germantown, 20874.

What Is a Pre-Employment Physical?

A pre-employment physical is a exam that an employer may require new employees to complete to make sure that they are physically, emotionally, and mentally capable of doing a job.

Depending on the nature of your job position, the pre-employment physical can be a short or lengthy process. However, a pre-employment physical allows companies to evaluate how the overall health of prospective employees is so that employers can make great decisions on hiring them. It also helps make record keeping easier since the company can better track changes in their employees’ health over time.

What Can Be Done During a Pre-employment Physical at Germantown Primary Healthcare

What to expect while undergoing a pre-employment physical depends on the positions the employee is being offered, as the purpose behind doing this physical is to evaluate the employee’s qualification for the specific role.

It is essential for the doctor performing this examination to fully understand the job requirements to evaluate whether the employee van does the duties and tasks associated with the position safely.

During the Pre-Employment Physicals in Germantown, Dr. Lakhvinder Wadhwa will:

  • Ask about your family medical history, your lifestyle, and general health questions
  • Physically examine you
  • Screen for alcohol and drugs if the position requires you to drive or operate heavy machinery.
  • Measure your height., weight, blood temperature, and any other type of vital information
  • Check your hearing and vision.

Types of Pre-employment Tests

There are various types of tests done at our pre-employment services near you that determine whether candidates qualify for employment. This includes:

  1. General pre-employment physical

This type of test involves checking the employee’s pulse, weight, temperature,  blood pressure, and other vital signs. In addition, the doctor may also examine the candidate’s cardiovascular and respiratory health, hearing, vision, reflexes, and range of motion.

They will also evaluate the employee for unusual bruising or swelling and determine its cause if it’s known. The doctor may also inquire about the employees’ ability to discuss any mood, handle stress or any behavioral changes, and ask about the medication if they are currently undertaking any.

  1. Drug Screening Test

Many employees require their candidates to pass the drug screening test to qualify. This could include a hair drug, urine drug screening, saliva drug screening, alcohol screening, and sweat drug screening. Jobs with high-risk responsibilities are most likely to require alcohol and drug screening.

  1. Stamina and physical ability test

If your job position requires you to perform frequent lifting or heavy labor, the employer may require you to complete a physical test that checks your physical ability and stamina.

The test is designed to ensure that the employee has the physical ability to demand the demand of the position. It also helps the company identify which candidates are most qualified and those at least likely to injure themselves on the job. The tests evaluate the power, flexibility, balance, muscular tension,  cardiovascular health, and candidate’s attitude under physical pressure.

  1. Psychological Test

The psychological test evaluates the candidate’s mental health and well-being. During this psychological evaluation, your doctor will administer tests and ask questions to assess the ability of the candidate to deal with the stress of the job. They may also ask the candidate about their history of depression or any other mood symptoms and inquire about the copying mechanism thy use to handle pressure.

The doctor may also ask about the candidate’s family history regarding mental health, diet, and lifestyle to give the company an overview of how the candidate will be able to cope with stressful situations.

If your company is looking for a primary care physician near you to conduct pre-employment physicals, visit Germantown primary care.

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