Congenital Heart Disease Treatment in Germantown, MD

Congenital Heart Disease Treatment in Germantown, MD

The choice of heart attack treatment in Germantown will depend on the type of defect and the patient. Some people require no treatment, only heart monitoring with regular visits to their cardiologist in Germantown. For other types of heart disease, the condition can be controlled with medication. But, for many patients, the only appropriate courses of action are open-heart surgery or cardiac catheterization.

Cardiologists Near You

Cardiothoracic or pediatric cardiovascular surgeons at Germantown Primary HealthCare repair defective hearts in the operating room. Pediatric cardiologists in Germantown treat babies born with congenital heart disease, both pre, and post-surgery.

Septal Defect Treatments

Treatments that cardiologists in Germantown use for atrial septal defects may include cardiac catheterization or surgery if there is a large enough opening. The associated symptoms of these heart valve defects may respond well to medications.

Medication is also an option to treat ventricular septal defects. Certain prescribed drugs help control blood pressure, strengthen the heart muscle, and eliminate excess fluids from the body. In many cases, ventricular septal defects naturally close over time, but if the hole is extra-large, cardiac catheterization or open-heart surgery may be required to repair the defect.

Cyanotic Defect Treatments

For children with Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF), typically, open-heart surgery is performed before they reach school age. Tricuspid atresia requires a shunt to be placed surgically to boost the flow of blood to the lungs. Corrective surgery is necessary with the transportation of the great arteries. Otherwise, the condition could lead to death quickly.

Obstructive Defects Treatments

Obstructive defects demand medical intervention because these conditions constrict blood vessels or heart valves. At Germantown Primary HealthCare, aortic stenosis, pulmonary stenosis, and coarctation of the aorta often require a surgical fix.

Congenital Heart Disease Treatment Germantown

A lifelong condition, congenital heart disease requires regular monitoring by cardiologists near you. In combination with surgery and medication, heart attack treatment in Germantown includes maintaining proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, avoiding overindulgence of alcohol, and regular exercise under the supervision of a doctor.

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