Congestive Heart Failure Treatment in Germantown, MD

Congestive Heart Failure Treatment in Germantown, MD

For many people, heart failure is a life sentence with no possibility of parole. But it is possible to successfully manage a long-term condition. The goals are to improve the patient’s health and quality of life through medication and lifestyle changes.

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The key to helping patients live longer is early diagnosis and congestive heart failure treatment in Germantown. The best approach depends on the severity of the condition and the type of heart failure.

Congestive heart failure treatment near you is designed to:

  • Treat the underlying cause of the condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or coronary heart disease
  • Reducing symptoms
  • Preventing the condition from worsening
  • Increasing activity level, lifespan, and quality of life

At Germantown Primary HealthCare, cardiac treatment options include medicines, heart-healthy lifestyle changes, and ongoing care. In cases of severe heart failure, surgery or other medical procedures may be needed.

Congestive Heart Failure Treatment in Germantown

Your cardiologist may recommend lifestyle changes if you have experienced heart failure. These heart-healthy changes are likely to include:

  • Attaining/maintaining a healthy weight
  • Eating for heart health
  • Medicines
  • Physical activity
  • Quitting smoking​

Based on your type of heart condition, the severity of your heart failure, and how you respond to certain medicines, your physician will prescribe medications. Common drugs prescribed by cardiologists to treat heart failure include:

  • ACE inhibitors
  • Aldosterone antagonists
  • Angiotensin receptor blockers
  • Beta-blockers
  • Digoxin
  • Diuretics
  • Hydralazine hydrochloride
  • Isosorbide dinitrate

All medications must be taken as prescribed. Do not adjust the amounts or skip doses unless instructed to do so by your physician. Continue to live a heart-friendly lifestyle while taking heart failure medications.

Congestive Heart Failure Treatment Near You

In addition to congestive heart failure treatment, it is also important to manage any other related health conditions. If you have high blood pressure or diabetes, work with your Germantown Primary HealthCare team to manage these concerns. Monitor your blood pressure and blood sugar level. Discuss with your doctor how often these measurements should be taken.

Keep up with seasonal flu and pneumonia vaccines to avoid getting respiratory infections.

Many patients with severe heart failure require occasional hospital treatments. Your cardiologist may recommend oxygen therapy, which can be administered in a hospital or at home.

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