Dementia Treatment in Germantown

Dementia Treatment in Germantown

Our Germantown neurologists will work with dementia patients and their families to develop an effective course of action. While putting together a plan for dementia care in Germantown, the patient’s unique situation will be discussed. Important factors include any possible barriers, patient education, family and caregiver support, and resources in the community.

For added support to patients with memory loss and their caregivers through the difficult process, Germantown Primary HealthCare offers several helpful services to our ongoing patients.

Memory Care Facilities in Germantown

At Germantown Primary HealthCare, our Germantown neurologists and staff provide specialized care for patients with dementia, including:

  • Chronic Care Management: Germantown Primary HealthCare providers encourage patients eligible to enroll in Medicare’s chronic care management program. This additional service reimburses the practitioners for coordinating additional proactive care.
  • Care Coordination: Germantown Primary HealthCare collects and monitors patient health data. The purpose is to ensure memory loss patients receive preventive care in a timely manner.
  • Caregiver Classes: Our social workers offer caregiver education classes at regular intervals. These workshops are focused on helping families and caregivers learn how to handle difficult behaviors that are common with dementia patients. End-stage concerns are also addressed in specific classes.
  • Group Meetings: Social workers at Germantown Primary HealthCare also offer group meetings for family and caregivers to discuss future and current dementia care goals, and current concerns and needs.
  • Memory Care Facilities near Germantown: As dementia treatment needs change, our Germantown neurologists may recommend a higher level of care. Skilled nursing care or hospice may be needed, and our trained staff will help to coordinate these transitions.
  • Call Evenings and Weekends: Nurse practitioners are available after hours for established memory loss patients.

If you need dementia treatment in Germantown now, we will be happy to assist you. Please call our dementia care clinic to schedule a consultation or receive more information.

Other Services

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