5 High Blood Pressure Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

5 High Blood Pressure Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Your heart keeps blood pumping through your veins, so feeling discomfort or pain in the body may be due to the heart – or high blood pressure to be precise. Individuals with hypertension should visit Germantown Primary Health Care for immediate care in the event of any sudden symptoms that could be the result of hypertension.

Severe Headache

When a headache is severe, it can be accompanied by a rise in blood pressure. This type of headache cannot be treated with simple pain killers and feels as if it is a migraine. If you have no history of migraines, your blood pressure could be the cause of intense headaches. Another possible cause is withdrawal from caffeine as well as congestion in the sinus.

“Pounding” in Your Chest or Ears

Feeling pounding or pulsing in the ears or in the chest could be indicative of high blood pressure as well as consuming too much caffeine. Try cutting down the amount of coffee you drink as well as how much soda you ingest. Meditating can also help if the pounding tends to occur during times of stress or anxiety.


Nosebleeds that are frequent or difficult to stop could be due to hypertension. However, your nasal lining could also be irritated by allergies or the climate you’re in, as seasonal allergies and a dry climate can irritate the nose and cause bleeding. Medications that thin the blood should be monitored, and always talk with your doctor about the side effects of your medication.


One common symptom of elevated blood pressure is confusion that seems to set in rapidly. Whenever someone experienced a sudden change in consciousness, they are in need of emergency medical care and an evaluation from a medical professional. Changes in consciousness could be a sign of more serious conditions or injuries, so medical assistance is essential.

Chest Pain

Pain in the chest should never be taken lightly. Mild chest pain can be a sign of high blood pressure as well as a heart attack. The symptoms can be so mild that there are many people that don’t know they have had or are in the middle of having a heart attack, mistaking it for heartburn or indigestion.

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