Preoperative Evaluation in Germantown

Preoperative Evaluation in Germantown

We want every surgery to be a success at Germantown Primary Health Care. Our physicians and staff believe that success begins with preparing patients properly. Our pre-operative evaluations in Germantown are designed to ensure patients know the risks and responsibilities involved with their elective surgery. Making sure Germantown patients have a thorough understanding of what to expect before, during, and after surgery is critical for the best possible outcome.

Preoperative Evaluation near Germantown

We want to restore your health and quality of life. For that reason, we offer patient counseling as well as pre-operative evaluations near you. This is done so that after surgery a plan will already be in place if you are experiencing pain you cannot manage on your own.

The goal is to get your life back on track and to provide you with the ability to manage pain until it subsides and you are back to your normal routine.

Individualized Care

Germantown Primary Health Care is focused on providing individualized care to address the personal needs of each patient. We want no one to have to put up with pain that robs you of the joy of daily living.

Every surgery at Germantown Primary Health Care has three phases:

  • Pre-operative: before surgery
  • Intra-operative: during surgery
  • Post-operative: after surgery

Preoperative evaluations are exactly what they sound like: Talking together about what your surgery will entail and what to expect afterward.

Preoperative Evaluation in Germantown

The prior evaluation typically includes the anticipated recovery time, necessary support during the recovery time, the expected level of reasonable relief following recovery, and any related risks. This initial consultation will also include a recommendation for therapies after surgery to help decrease any risks.

During the pre-operative evaluation, you will complete a checklist that covers all related topics to be sure you are thoroughly prepared for surgery. This form will be forwarded to your Germantown surgical team with any treatment notes. For insurance purposes, evaluations are often required for coverage approval. We can provide proper documentation not only for consistency of care but also for your insurance provider.

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