Pre-Employment Physicals in Germantown, MD

Pre-Employment Physicals in Germantown, MD

Starting a new job can involve many different steps, and one of these may involve having a pre-employment physical exam. These exams can include drug and alcohol testing, physical ability tests, heart health screening, and more. Germantown Primary HealthCare provides pre-employment physical and operative exams to the residents in and around Germantown, Gaithersburg, and Rockville, MD.

Employers do have a right to ask for a physical exam when it is related to the needs of the job. Pre-employment physicals do have many rules, though, and the Americans With Disabilities Act sets those out to keep employers from being able to discriminate.

Employers must ask all potential employees to have the same pre-employment physical exams. They can’t single certain candidates out over others. Some jobs require a lot of physical activity. In these cases, physical fitness is especially important to the decision. Germantown Primary HealthCare is a trustworthy practice that can provide those examinations for you.

Drug and Alcohol Tests

Testing for drug and alcohol use is one of the most common employment tests. These are critical because they can help keep people from having on-the-job accidents and protect a company from liability.

A potential employee can be tested for drug and alcohol use in many different ways. There are urine drug screenings, saliva drug screenings, sweat drug screenings, and hair testing. We have access to each type of test, whichever one is desired to be used.

Physical Ability Tests

These tests are meant to see how well a person can perform certain tasks. They are important for physical or manual labor jobs, as well as seeing how well a person can handle duties. Muscle strength, endurance, cardiovascular health, balance, and flexibility are all routinely tested in these exams. We want to make sure you’re able to do exactly what you’re hired for without any risk of injury.

This type of testing specifically is usually the base for many legal battles because testing isn’t always equal for everyone. That’s why Germantown Primary HealthCare is here to give results you can trust, because we are sure to provide the same exam each time.

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