Diabetes Mellitus Treatment in Germantown

Diabetes Mellitus Treatment in Germantown

Medical treatment of diabetes mellitus in Germantown involves keeping blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible. Because diabetes can increase the risk of heart disease and other conditions, controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels are a crucial part of diabetes mellitus treatment as well.

Medical Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus Germantown

Diabetes is a demanding disease that requires day-to-day care. Patient responsibilities include dietary management, monitoring blood glucose levels, keeping stress and weight under control, managing oral meds, and if necessary, insulin pump or injections. To help diabetic patients self-manage their medical condition, Germantown Primary Health Care offers programs that focus on individualized diabetes care. Diabetes mellitus treatment in Germantown enables patients to take control of their health and their lifestyle.

Dietary Management and Physical Activity

Germantown, MD endocrinologist doctors typically first recommend modifying eating habits and increasing physical activity. These are generally the initial steps toward reducing blood sugar levels. At Germantown Primary Health Care, diabetic patients work with their PCP and a certified dietician to develop a nutrition plan.

Insulin Therapy for Diabetes

Multiple insulin injections are needed every day for patients with type 1 diabetes. Insulin therapy is often required to maintain safe levels with type 2 diabetes as well. An alternative to using injections is an insulin pump. This compact device can be worn on a belt. A small catheter delivers insulin beneath the skin.

These are the four major types of insulin:

  • Rapid-acting
  • Short-acting
  • Intermediate-acting
  • Long-acting

Your Germantown, MD endocrinologist doctors will determine the appropriate dose for you and how often you need it. Every patient is different, and dosing depends on weight, activity level, the severity of the disease, current medications, etc.

Oral Medications

For people with type 2 diabetes, it can sometimes be difficult to control high blood sugar levels. Even with healthy eating and exercises, the number remains high. In this case, oral medication may be prescribed. This type of medicine works in a number of ways. It improves how well the body processes insulin, increases production of insulin, inhibits the absorption of blood sugar and reduces the production of blood sugar. Sometimes medications are combined with insulin therapy.

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