Physical Examination in Germantown, MD

Physical Examination in Germantown, MD

Routine physicals in Germantown are one of the best ways to prevent potential health problems. A physical examination is conducted by your PCP to check your overall health and look for any potential issues.

Physical Examinations Near Germantown

There are many reasons why physicals in Germantown are so important, and here are just a few:

  • To diagnose and treat any medical concerns early before these problems become bigger issues
  • To update the necessary vaccinations and family/personal health history
  • To discuss daily diet and exercise habits

A sampling of the types of physical examinations performed at Germantown Primary HealthCare include:

If you are seeking a routine physical near Germantown, MD, stop by Germantown Primary HealthCare! These physical exams are often required at the last minute and can be sprung upon you without warning.

Routine Physicals in Germantown

A Germantown physical examination helps your primary care physician assess the general status of your overall health. The wellness visit also allows you to talk to your doctor about any persistent pain or ongoing symptoms that you’re experiencing or any other health concerns that should be addressed.

Physicals in Germantown are recommended at least once a year, especially for patients over 50 years of age. These wellness exams are used to:

  • Check for possible diseases (early diagnosis and treatment is key)
  • Uncover any issues that may become a bigger health concern in the future
  • Update any necessary immunizations
  • Discuss your diet and exercise routine
  • Build a relationship with your primary care provider

Sports Physicals in Germantown

Germantown Primary HealthCare is open seven days a week, and walk-ins are welcome! Our board-certified physicians are well-trained, experienced, and ready to assess your current health and fitness levels, evaluate any existing injuries, and detect any budding health concerns.

If you need any of the above routine physical examinations in Germantown, don’t hesitate to stop by Germantown Primary HealthCare today. Call our Germantown, MD, medical center for more information. Book an appointment with us online today by filling out the form on

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