6 Simple Things that Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

6 Simple Things that Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

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The surmounting pressure of student debt. The constant drive to excel at work. Family. Social responsibilities – the list goes.

Add upon everything the inconsistent health habits and the unhealthy eating routines. All of this just adds to your blood pressure rising way beyond the normal levels, together bringing more health risks such as heart problems and hypertension.

Where is the solution? If you plan to take on the medicinal route once the disease has been instigated in you, it might be all too late. Why wait for the problem to occur, when you can simply take care of it today itself!

Here are a few ways to help you control your blood pressure:

Lose a few pounds

This is probably the simplest way possible to reduce majority of health risks that we all face today. Shedding weight in a healthy way can help you immensely in the long run. Get moving and get a leaner body. A leaner physique can survive on lower calories, thereby ensuring you don’t put on weight later in life. In addition to this, it also makes sure your stamina and productivity levels also go up. This convolutes into helping your blood-flow stay streamlined and your blood pressure stay low.

Read Labels

Always ensure you read the labels before you buy any edibles. Go through the ingredients and ensure you are avoiding Trans Fats and trying to consume foods rich in Omega 3.

Pump Some Iron

Iron is one of the fundamental elements required by the human body to keep functioning on optimal levels. So, make iron a part of your daily diet and take up supplements if you can’t change your diet suddenly.

Limit Alcohol to One Drink Per Day

Nothing serves your body better than a control on your drinking habits. Drinking causes severe liver damage and thickens your blood over the long run. In addition to these obvious health risks, it burns a hole in your pocket and causes volatility in behaviour as well.

Relieve Stress with Daily Meditation or Deep Breathing Sessions

Stress becomes the primary reason for soaring blood pressure. Hence, take up meditation and explore mindfulness to relieve yourself of the daily stress.

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