Everything About Cholesterol Treatment in Germantown

Everything About Cholesterol Treatment in Germantown

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Different products and fluids are produced in the body to achieve a particular function. Without the production of these substances, the body may not function optimally. However, when there is an excess of the substances in the body, they work against your health system. Generally, too much of anything is dangerous for your health. This applies to cholesterol in your system. If the levels thereof are not controlled, you may have other health complications to handle. Read on to find out more about managing cholesterol levels in your body.

What is Cholesterol?

It is a waxy fatty substance produced by your liver. The substance serves many functions in your body, including that of protecting the nerves. It is also used for making hormones and certain cell tissues in your body. Other than that, cholesterol can be absorbed from the foods you eat. Therefore, in a situation where you consume a lot of foods with high cholesterol, the levels in your body will be overwhelming. Too much of the cholesterol is harmful to your body, and it turns into bad cholesterol.

Types of Cholesterol

Cholesterol is categorized into two main types, that is:

  • Good cholesterol – it is also called High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL). This cholesterol is useful for the proper functioning of your body.
  • Bad cholesterol – this is the Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL), that is harmful to your body.

There is also another harmful fat that can be found in your body, called triglycerides. Ideally, if you consume more calories from foods than your body can use up, the extra calories are converted into triglycerides. These fats flow in your bloodstream, traveling to different parts of your body. It explains why people with high cholesterol levels are at a higher risk of strokes, brain problems, and heart diseases.

What Causes High Cholesterol?

Technically, the liver has to produce cholesterol to meet different purposes in the body other than that, the foods you consume introduce new cholesterol in your system, which is absorbed into your bloodstream. Over time, the buildup of cholesterol increases, putting your entire health at risk. That said, the main causes of high LDL cholesterol are linked to poor eating habits. Most people with cholesterol-related health problems are obese or above the recommended weight for their height.

How To Reduce High Cholesterol

Treating cholesterol has a lot to do with lifestyle adjustments. These are the first line of defense since they directly affect the outcome of your health. They include exercising and eating healthy foods. Physicians in Germantown MD will tell you that remedies for cholesterol are best if they are natural. In this case, it means cutting down on weight if you are obese. Other than that, changing up your eating habits can positively impact your health as matters to cholesterol levels. obesity is the number one cause of high cholesterol in the body. Therefore, physical exercise can also be used to help lower cholesterol levels.

However, even with such changes, sometimes your cholesterol levels will still be high. In that case, consider some of the following medications:

  • Statins – this a medication used to block your liver from making cholesterol. Statin therapy for cholesterol is used to cause your liver to get rid of cholesterol from your blood. Statins are also useful for promoting the re-absorption of cholesterol deposits that might be in your artery walls. This, consequently, reduces the levels of cholesterol in your body.
  • Cholesterol absorption inhibitors – these drugs are used to limit the absorption of cholesterol from food. Ideally, the small intestines of your body are responsible for absorbing the cholesterol from the foods you eat. This cholesterol is then released into your bloodstream.
  • Bile acid-binding resins – the cholesterol in your body is used to produce bile that is necessary for digestion. This medication is used to bind the bile being produced so that the liver can use up more cholesterol to produce the bile.


The levels of cholesterol in your body should be within your control. You can take back control of your health by ensuring that you change up your lifestyle. Working out once or so every day will get you’re a step closer to getting rid of the bad cholesterol. Other than that, be sure to watch your calorie intake for overall good health.

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