Sleep Care Disorders Successfully Treated When Correctly Diagnosed

Sleep Care Disorders Successfully Treated When Correctly Diagnosed

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Are you aware getting sufficient sleep is scientifically proven as improving every area of our lives, including increasing productivity and cognitive function? After a good night’s sleep, you feel more energetic when playing with your kids and have an overall happier and calmer mood all day.

Find it challenging to believe us? A comprehensive study conducted in Finland in 2007 revealed sleep-deprived people had reduced reaction time coupled with the inability to pay attention. The participants also had challenges with both short-term and long-term memory and critical thinking because they were managing with just five hours of sleep.

How Much Sleep Is Essential Every Night?

Seven to Nine hours of sleep for young adults and adults is recommended by the National sleep foundation. At the same time, the foundation recommends seven to eight hours of sleep every night for seniors. To understand whether you are on the longer or shorter end of the spectrum, you can see how long you sleep without an alarm. For example, if you wake up after seven hours, the number is adequate for you on most occasions.

How To Determine Whether You Are Getting Quality Sleep?

Trying to determine whether you are getting quality sleep is at best challenging and difficult to manage. However, you can either do an audit of your sleep hygiene or contact Germantown’s primary care physicians for help. Obtaining professional service to determine whether you are getting sufficient quality sleep gives you a professional assessment of your condition. In addition, it helps decide whether or not you are affected by conditions like insomnia, teeth grinding, snoring, narcolepsy, et cetera.

The Germantown physicians create a sleep care plan specifically for you by diagnosing and treating all sleep disorders in adults. When you contact this facility, you are accessing care from board-certified sleep specialists accredited by the American Academy of sleep medicine. The primary healthcare facility uses state-of-the-art technology along with a team of medical specialists, psychologists, and registered sleep medicine specialists, devoting their careers to sleep study and treatment of sleep disorders.

When Must You Seek a Sleep Care Plan from the Specialists?

If you experience an occasional night of interrupted sleep because of stress or other causes, the condition is normal and occurs with everyone. However, if you are persistently struggling to achieve quality sleep for over 30 days, you must consider the problem as severe and seek treatment for the condition as soon as possible.

Do not assume a physical exam or a discussion with the professionals at the facility is all that is required to overcome the problem you experience. You also have to undergo various tests with sleep care products to identify the reasons for your restlessness and the lack of quality sleep. You are either required to undergo a polysomnography test in a sleep clinic or a home sleep apnea test (HSAT) to determine whether sleep apnea is the cause of your restlessness.

The Treatment for Sleep Care

Dr. Lakhvinder Wadhwa offers a comprehensive sleep care program for adults, including the gold standard CPAP therapy, sleep tips, sleep studies, et cetera to ensure the disorder affecting you is effectively treated.

The experienced team of professionals from primary care physician Germantown, MD, will work with you to analyze your sleeping patterns by examining them to uncover the underlying cause and develop a personalized treatment plan specifically suited to your condition.

Before determining a practical course of action, the professionals initially consult with you and perform sleep study tests at an observational sleep center. The studies are essential to determine the underlying causes of your condition and develop the most effective treatment to relieve you from the problem affecting you.

Sleep disorders are familiar in the United States, with nearly 33 percent of Americans reporting they have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. The lack of sleep doesn’t just affect the overall quality of life of the affected individual but also makes it challenging for them to perform everyday activities like going to work or school, operating machinery on motor vehicles because it makes them susceptible to accidents.

The lack of sleep also affects the overall health of people by making them susceptible to various health disorders such as hypertension, strokes, heart disease, cardiovascular issues, and others. Therefore, sleep disorders are better not ignored as a minor issue. Instead, they can assume significant proportions unless identified and treated in time by obtaining a sleep care plan from the specialists.

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