The Importance of Regular Check-Ups and Physical Exams for Senior Care

The Importance of Regular Check-Ups and Physical Exams for Senior Care

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Everyone knows that as we age, our bodies require more medical testing and relief from the onset of aches, pains, and diseases. But fewer people know that the common health tests for seniors aren’t limited to testing by a medical professional specialized in geriatric care – they can be performed by a primary care practice near them such as Germantown Primary Health Care.

Physical Exams Are a Key Component to Senior Health

When we’re younger, we try to stick to a healthcare routine that includes an annual physical each year. But as we age, this commitment level often decreases. Instead of staying current on preventive testing, an increasing number of seniors are relying on product claims from advertisers. Instead of doctor-based advice based on their individual lab work results, some patients fall prey to inflated advertising promises.

One example might play out like this: A patient starts to notice that their hair is thinning out. Because of their age, they assume it’s related strictly to the normal process of aging. So, they start buying products that claim to reverse hair loss.

However, had they visited their doctor for a regular check-up and physical exam in Germantown, MD, their lab results may have indicated a condition known as hereditary hemochromatosis – which often presents in the form of hair loss. Its treatment is medically-based, not consumer product-based.

Preventive Care is What Matters Most in Patients of All Ages

There’s an adage that reminds all of us that we can’t turn back the hands of time. That’s one reason that preventive care is so vital — important enough that many health insurers cover well-patient exams up to 100 percent of their cost.

Using our previous diagnosis of hemochromatosis as diagnosed through routine lab work, a parallel example for a younger population would be high blood pressure. Unless a child or teen visits a doctor near them on a regular basis, they may never know that they are one of the growing numbers of youth in America experiencing hypertension – a potentially life-threatening condition.

It’s common for some teenagers to undergo a sports physical to determine their ability to play a sport at school or in their community safely, but if a teenager is not engaged in active sports and does not receive a regular physical exam, high blood pressure and other disorders may remain undiagnosed.

Youth and Seniors Can Reap These Benefits of an Annual Physical in Germantown, MD

Whether you’re a parent reading this for your children, or a caretaker of an elderly parent, the benefit of preventive medical care is the same for all populations: They reveal health concerns that need to be monitored as a part of their treatment protocol.

One example of a treatment modality that crosses all age brackets is weight management. Whether a teenager is gaining weight because they are spending too much idle time on their electronic devices or an elderly individual is losing weight because of their lack of appetite, the caring doctors and support staff can provide diagnosis and treatment options for either situation.

Eating disorders of any variety are nothing to take lightly. The weight-loss treatment options offered at Germantown Primary Health Care help address the underlying causes through rigorous testing, so the root of the matter can be treated.

Some other benefits that come from an annual visit to Germantown Primary Health Care include testing and treatments for acid reflux, arthritis, chronic kidney disease, congenital heart disease, congestive heart failure, constipation, dementia, heartburn, high cholesterol, migraine and chronic headache care, and sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep interruption, and restless leg syndrome (RLS).

Take Time to Protect Your Health

Our world is running at a faster pace than it ever has. The demands of our jobs, teachers, friends, and family often take priority over health care for ourselves or someone we love. A secret to finding success in this frenzied pace is to identify a doctor near you in Germantown, such as the caring staff here at Germantown Primary Health Care, who provide appointment times into the early evening. Remember, you may not be able to turn back the hands of time, but you can take time now to schedule a physical exam!

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