Tips on How to Manage Your Weight This New Year

Tips on How to Manage Your Weight This New Year

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Your metabolic rate and body composition depend on your age, dietary lifestyle, and physical activity engagement. Particular dietary types can lead to changes in your weight. Aging can lead to a reduction in your body mass index. Weight management can be achieved through various programs that suit your personalized needs, and it will be best if you seek help from your physician.

At Germantown Primary HealthCare, we recommend you to remain active in maintaining your weight. You can change various lifestyle aspects that affect your weight levels. The nutritionist near you may guide you on various dietary measures to ensure you manage your weight and your body gets adequate nutrients. Physical exercises are vital in ensuring you have optimal metabolic functioning and a healthy weight.

What Causes Unintentional Weight Gain?

Unintentional weight gain can be periodic, rapid, or continuous, and below are some causes of weight gain:

  • Hormonal changes in your body may slow down your metabolism and lead to weight gain.
  • Certain medical conditions and medication may lead to weight gain.
  • Chronic stress and inadequate sleep can lead to hormonal changes leading to hunger and weight gain.

You need to review how to manage your weight based on the substantial changes attributed to hormonal changes, dietary lifestyle, and physical inactivity.

How You Can Maintain a Healthy Weight

Numerous aspects can affect your body weight, including genetics, lifestyle, aging, and the type of work you handle. You can keep your weight off by choosing healthy foods and remaining active. Weight management is easy, and your health specialist may recommend following a weight loss program to burn calories.

Having excess body weight can lead to potential health risks, including diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and heart-related diseases. It’s essential to consult your physician on the ideal body mass index, remain physically proactive and maintain a healthy dietary lifestyle. Below are viable measures on how to regulate your body weight.

Engaging in Regular Physical Exercises

Regular exercises are therapeutic approaches to your mental and physical fitness. If you remain purposeful in your physical wellness through workouts, you can successfully maintain the right body mass index. Engaging in a moderate-intensity activity can be a viable option in losing your weight. Keeping track of your physical activity is crucial to track your calorie balance after food intake and physical exercises.

Changing your dietary lifestyle and maintaining routine physical exercises can help you to maintain healthy body weight. If you have cardiovascular complications, it’s essential to undergo a medical assessment before starting your exercise regimen. At Germantown Primary HealthCare, we recommend you to undertake a prior medical evaluation to ensure you are safe to engage in exercises. Particular conditions, including diabetes and heart-related conditions, may limit you from exercise programs, and you need advice from your medical specialist.

Maintaining the Right Dietary Lifestyle

A healthy dietary lifestyle is the foundation of a healthy body. Your meal composition should have fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain foods, and protein. You also need to eat fiber-rich foods regularly. Dr. Lakhvinder Wadhwa may recommend you eliminate trans-fats from your diet and regulate the intake of saturated fats linked to cardiovascular complications. You can consume unsaturated fat-containing foods that are healthy and nutritious, including fish, legumes, and whole grains.

It’s crucial to avoid sugary foods containing starch, processed foods, and foods with added oils or butter. Fatty and processed meat and baked foods may not be ideal for your weight management. Lack of certain foods in your child’s diet may lead to deficiencies, and you need to consult your health specialist on the right diet to ensure your child is healthy. Weight loss programs can help you and your kid avoids obesity and other health issues related to weight gain.

Weight management is easy, and you need to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Frequent physical exercises and a healthy diet can regulate your body mass index. A long-term commitment to a weight loss program can help you achieve healthy body weight. It will be ideal to consult our doctor in Germantown on the best approaches to help you lose weight this New Year. You’ll find it easy and achievable if you make it a New Year resolution and by following all the tips provided by your health practitioner.

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