What’s Included in Preventive Care?

What’s Included in Preventive Care?

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Your annual check-up, immunizations and screenings are an important part of staying healthy. Primary health care Germantown MD specialize in preventive care. They can help detect or prevent serious diseases and help you stay healthy. Your doctor may ask for a good health insurance plan for better treatment. Your primary care provider can help you coordinate what tests and shots are right for you based on your age, sex and family history. Read on to know more:

Doctors’ Visits

The goal of preventative care is to help you safeguard against health problems in the first place and to catch illnesses in the early stages of development for easier treatment. Regular checkups and doctors’ visits since birth till you turn 21 are considered to be best preventive care by doctors in Germantown MD.

Maternity and Newborn Care

Pregnant patients often take a plethora of preventative medications, including prenatal vitamins, iron and folic acid — all in an effort to prevent any complications. Primary health care Germantown takes preventive care for newborns very seriously.


Preventive medicine focuses on the health of individuals, communities, and defined populations. Its goal is to protect, promote, and maintain health and well-being and to prevent disease, disability, and death.


Health screenings are very vital to identify any kind of chronic illness in its very beginning and can be easily cured with the diagnosis.


Leading a healthy life in today’s stressful era is really a challenge. So getting the best out of counseling is the perfect solution. Eating healthy and quitting bad habits like smoking and reduction in the intake of alcohol is the main aspect of counseling in preventive care.

Benefits of Prevention

Preventative care screenings can help you detect illnesses that could go unnoticed in the body for years such as high blood pressure—which over time could lead to stroke and heart disease if untreated.

Take Advantage of Preventive Care

Access to good preventative care is a tremendous relief for many. Screenings are done depending on the type of health insurance you have. Many hospitals offer free counseling and screenings.

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