7 Common Myths About Hypertension

7 Common Myths About Hypertension

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Hypertension implies that your blood pressure stays high for long periods. It can be due to unhealthy lifestyle habits such as obesity, smoking, excess salt, drinking, or a combination of these lifestyle choices. However, some people can also inherit hypertension due to their genetics.

Here are some myths about hypertension you need to know:

If You Feel Fine, You Don’t Have Hypertension

1 in 6 persons suffering from hypertension is unaware of their medical condition as they feel just fine. No wonder hypertension is also referred to as the “silent killer” as it leads to a stroke or a heart attack without any displaying any symptom.

There’s A Cure For Hypertension

While hypertension does not have a cure, it can be maintained and controlled by making healthy lifestyle changes. These include consuming a healthy diet, exercising, limited intake of salt, reducing smoking and alcohol consumption.

Wine Is Good For The Heart, So Drink As Much As You Want

While red wine is good for health, excessive consumption of alcohol can be attributed to one of the reasons for hypertension. People with hypertension can enjoy wine in moderation, but not in excess.

If You Don’t Salt Your Food, Salt Isn’t A Big Issue For You

Most processed food contains a high amount of salt. Hence, people suffering from hypertension should avoid processed food items such as canned food, soups, and other condiments.

If You Inherit Hypertension, There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

Individuals who inherit hypertension can control and manage their hypertension by making healthy lifestyle choices. These include consuming a healthy diet, exercising, limited intake of salt, reducing smoking and alcohol consumption.

If A Doctor Takes Your Blood Pressure Occasionally, That’s Good Enough

People suffering hypertension should regularly measure and monitor their blood pressure using home blood pressure monitoring devices. Tracking blood pressure levels in a journal can help patients to know any changes in their blood pressure and accordingly schedule an appointment with their doctor.

When Medication Brings Your Blood Pressure Down, You Can Stop Taking It

People suffering from hypertension should never discontinue their medication without consulting their doctor. Hypertension is a lifelong ailment and can return upon discontinuing the medication.

If you are worried about coping with your hypertension, schedule an appointment with Germantown Primary Health Care to know more about hypertension and how to manage it.

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