What Does Preventative Health Care Really Mean?
Jun 01, 2019

Taking care of your health now opposed to paying the consequences down the road is a pretty popular – and…

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10 Ways to Control High Blood Pressure without Medication
May 16, 2019

Have you recently been told that you need to take control of your health in order to prevent life-threating conditions…

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Migraine Relief Without Drugs
May 06, 2019

Migraine is a common issue which is faced by several people. Though there are several drugs and treatments available for…

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Migraine Headache Natural Home Remedies
Apr 16, 2019

We all have headaches now and again, but it’s important to know that there is a huge difference between the…

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7 Common Myths About Hypertension
Apr 01, 2019

Hypertension implies that your blood pressure stays high for long periods. It can be due to unhealthy lifestyle habits such…

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12 Tips for Managing Constipation
Mar 26, 2019

If you’re suffering from constipation, we at Germantown Primary Healthcare are here to help you out. Contrary to popular belief,…

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6 Simple Things that Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure
Mar 16, 2019

The surmounting pressure of student debt. The constant drive to excel at work. Family. Social responsibilities – the list goes.…

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7 Biggest Myths of Weight Loss, debunked (Including the Myth that You Have to Go Hungry!)
Mar 14, 2019

7 Biggest Myths of Weight Loss You Tell Yourself One of the most popular goals for New Year’s, or any…

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Reasons Why People Choose to Lose Weight
Feb 12, 2019

Reasons why people want to lose weight can differ. However, there is a stigma associated with obesity in our society…

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