Five Reasons Why Physical Exams Are Important?

Five Reasons Why Physical Exams Are Important?

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Despite the constant call from the physicians and doctors to have annual physical checkups, only a percentage of the population does that. Most people tend to visit the doctor when there is a problem.

This is not only dangerous but can increase the risk of you developing life-threatening conditions. Getting a physical examination near you offers more benefits for your overall wellness. Here are five reasons why you need to consider visiting a primary care physician in Germantown 20874.

1. Update Your Medical History

Your medical history is important and it reveals details about your health that you may not even know you had. The doctor will ask you several questions in regards to your health and family history. This will make it easy for Dr. Lakhvinder Wadhwa to detect any hereditary problems that you may be at risk of developing.

Having an annual health assessment gives you a chance to talk to the doctor about any concerns you may have about your health. The doctor will probably inquire about your lifestyle habits. He will also check on your vaccination status.

2. Get A Comprehensive Assessment

On your routine physical exams, the doctor will do a series of tests to assess the condition of your health.

  • Vital sign checks

As part of your examination, the doctor will take your blood pressure reading, heart and pulse rate, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.

Some tests are specific to men and women. For women, a pap smear and mammogram may be done to check for any signs of cancer.

Other tests done on women include osteoporosis and pelvic exams.

In men, the doctor will do a testicular exam to check for lumps and tenderness and prostate cancer screening.

  • Visual exams

The doctor will check for signs of any conditions. He will examine the different parts of the body like the head, eyes, chest, and abdomen.

It is important to have your eyes examined regularly, especially if you are above 60 years or have preexisting conditions like diabetes.

Most eye problems occur as we age like cataracts. Diabetic retinopathy is also a common occurrence among people who have diabetes.

  • Laboratory tests

The doctor will draw blood to conduct further tests. These include a complete blood cell count to check your blood count. Your red blood, white blood cells, and platelets are examined. The tests help the doctor to diagnose conditions like anemia, infection, or even cancer.

A complete metabolic panel is done to check your blood plasma. The test can indicate issues in your kidneys, liver, immune system, and blood chemistry.

The doctor can request diabetes and thyroid screen. Your blood can also reveal your vitamin and mineral levels to determine if you have a deficiency.

3. Focuses on Prevention

Physical examination is a great way to detect health conditions early and begin treatment on time. After determining your risk level of any medical health conditions, the doctor will share information on how to prevent the disease or slow its progression.

4. Learn About Lifestyle and Chronic DiseaseĀ 

According to statistics, three in five adults in the United States develop a chronic disease in their lifestyle. Some even have multiple conditions at once. Conditions like heart disease and diabetes can cause life-threatening complications. The good news is these diseases are preventable. If you get them, the doctor can help you manage them and prevent complications if they are detected early.

Having regular physical examination will enable the doctor to review your risk of developing chronic disease. He will also give you strategies to manage or mitigate the risk.

Lifestyle conditions are preventable with proper diet, exercise regimen, and habits.

5. It Helps You Build a Strong Relationship with Your Doctor

Regular examinations help you build a solid relationship and trust with your doctor. This makes it easy for the doctor to collect and store medical information for future reference. You will also be confident and easy to share your reservation or health preferences if you work with a doctor you know.

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